Amazing Things You Need To See In Egypt

Amazing Things You Need To See In Egypt

Egypt is famous for its ancient culture, monuments, and architecture. Other than the historic cities (the Giza Pyramids, the Valley of the Kings, Luxor, Alexandria, etc.), Egypt boasts several modern attractions and diverse culture which makes it a great country for anyone to visit. It has several beautiful and adventurous places where you can spend your holidays. Many holidaymakers (like me) visit Egypt to explore both ancient and modern marvels.

August 2018,  Egypt – a country linking northeast Africa with the Middle East (dating to the time of the pharaohs). Egypt is located between Libya and the Gaza Strip with a total area of 1,020,000 km². The coastline of Egypt stretches approximately 2,450 km. Those who hope to travel to will not be disappointed by the numerous adventures Egypt boasts in its arsenal. There are endless places to explore in Egypt. For one, I was opportune to enjoy cool and relaxing beaches within this hot and damp country.

The Pyramid of Giza raised my eyebrow

During my visit to Egypt, we stayed at the Hilton pyramids Golf for a week before visiting the Pyramid Giza. Also a part of the Seven Wonders of the World, the Pyramids of Giza was a great place to visit when holidaying in Egypt.

This 4000 years old historical structures is quite popular for its mysterious architecture. The beauty of these artifacts, its dazzling light (especially at night) and the sound show makes it irresistible. I had a lot of fun and entertainment during my stay here.

Cairo was Amazing

While the Giza’s pyramids raised my eyebrow, some of my most amazing moments were experienced in Cairo – the capital of Egypt. Cairo is indeed a great holiday location for architects and historians. This historian’s haven is filled with different enticing stories, culture, documentaries, cuisines, and movies that you will come across about Egypt.

Being the capital of Egypt, Cairo offers something more than just an architect’s enchantment. I spent the day at the plaza and went to dinner at Sequoia – the perfect dining concept with cuisines originating from Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Morocco, Turkey, Greece, and Italy. I ate a number of mouth-watering cuisines that made my holiday a remarkable one.

Moving on to Luxor and the Valley of the Kings

Luxor houses ancient Egyptian history dating as far back as 7, 000 years. I got to visit ancient temples like the temple of Karnak in Egypt. If you are curious to know where the most powerful kings of Egypt were buried, then the Valley of the Kings should be your next destination. You’ll get to see the tombs where the Pharaohs and the mummies are buried along with treasures.

The Alexandria experience

Shopping in Alexandria is an experience I’ll never forget. From the fish market on the Corniche Road to the gold and silver bazaars in El Manshiya and El Attareen, Alexandria has a lot to offer tourists. I spent some time with my friend on the beach where we imagined the city the way it was thousands of years ago.

Touring Egypt without taking a cruise on the longest river in the world is like having breakfast without water. You are sure to see different amazing scenery with leisure while on this adventure. The Nile River is not just the longest but also one of the most beautiful and oldest rivers witnessed by various pharaohs and rulers of Egypt.

As far as main attractions go, Hurghada is one of the most famous places in Egypt. Situated close to the red sea, Hurghada offers several diving opportunities with its water activities, water sports, and undersea aquatic life. Hurghada is also famous for its clubs, bars, and nightlife. If aquatic adventure is your purpose of travel, then I’d advise not to miss this place.

From the most wonderful camel safari in deserts of Egypt to the most famous Sphinx and scuba diving at the Red Sea Beach resorts, Egypt boasts a lot of attractions for anyone seeking adventure in their trip. Undoubtedly, Egypt is a great holiday location not just for lovers of arts and architecture but for everybody who seeks a new adventure. Above all, Egypt culture is intriguingly interesting and can make you stay back for the rest of your life. So, if you are looking for your next holiday destination, consider Egypt!

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