The Most Affordable Cities for US Travelers

The Most Affordable Cities for US Travelers


Most of us love traveling and exploring new cities and culture. However, the cost of doing so makes it difficult. USA has a rich and diverse culture which you should definitely experience. The current article provides a list of most affordable cities to visit in the US which you should definitely explore.

San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio is one of the most economical cities you can visit in the US. The city is characterized by a rich blend of American and Mexican history. It is well connected from other major cities in the US. You can find good hotels at very affordable rates in San Antonio. The city has something to offer to every visitor. History enthusiasts can especially enjoy visiting the Alamo which is the major tourist attraction in the city. It attracts more than 3 million visitors annually and the entry is also free. You can also enjoy a leisurely stroll down the Paseo del Rio-San Antonio’s river walk.

Memphis, Tennessee

Memphis is the home of blues and has become popular for its musical history and delicious barbeque food. You can find good budget accommodation in the city with prices starting below $30 per night. The major attractions in the city include Memphis Zoo which has lots of fun activities for adults and kids with tickets priced at $15 and $10 for adults and kids respectively. You can also visit the Mud Island River Park which offers free admission. The city also boasts of lively nightlife and bars to appeal to adults.

Phoenix, Arizona

The city of Phoenix has seen renewed tourist interest with more than 44 million tourists visiting in 2017. It is a very inexpensive city to visit in the US. You can find decent hotels in Phoenix starting from $50 per night. You can find reasonably priced and delicious food in Phoenix from the different street food vendors. The Heard Museum is a great place to visit to get insights into the local history and lifestyle of Native Americans of the locality. If you are into adventure sports and biking, you can visit South Mountain Park and Reserve.

Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta History Center

Atlanta is a major airline hub in the US and is an affordable destination to travel by air. The public rail transport system in Atlanta is the best option for navigating through the city. The city has lots of affordable and low-cost attractions for tourists. You can visit tourist attractions like Centennial Olympic Park, Atlanta Contemporary Art Center, Fernbank Science Center, etc. Outdoor sports enthusiasts can visit Stone Mountain Park which has an entry fee of $8. You can also consider getting a city pass which will help you to save 40% while visiting the top 5 attractions in Atlanta.

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