The importance of Self Study and following your PATH

The importance of Self Study and following your PATH


From the moment a child starts crawling,
he or she is programmed to mimic the people in his or her immediate
environment. Most of what we do while growing up is to replicate the actions of
others in order to fit in with the larger society, down to our family and

But for most people, entrepreneurs
precisely, there are lots of benefits to following their own path.

I’m not saying you should discard what
works for everyone – as a matter of fact, it’s needless reinventing the wheel
at every turn – but taking risks and experimenting is a vital ingredient for
success. It is worth noting that most successful entrepreneurs don’t follow a
set script. Rather, they tackle whatever problem they face in a different way,
and create better solutions for any seeming challenge compared to anyone before

Here is the importance of following your
own path – why you can find value doing what others do not:

You can create your own formula

Any problem can be solved with a formula.
There is always a webinar, a course, or a program that claims to reveal the
“secret ingredients” to doing something right.

Well, I don’t subscribe to these. Why?
Because there is always the big temptation of purchasing a product – one that
claims to solve all your problems for you. I’m not saying it is bad to learn
how someone else found success. No! there’s a lot of value in learning from
others. But the value you gain from taking a class or studying a book is more
about putting your creativity into action and helping you consider what your
next step would be.

That webinar or course won’t do your work
for you. It is worth knowing that, that person’s success may have been made
possible by fortunate timing or probably some specific circumstances. What’s
more? The market itself may have been saturated with thousands of people
attempting the same strategy.

The success formula cannot be bought –
you have to make the discovery by yourself.

There’s a boost to your creativity

When you follow your own path, you
unwittingly create a virtuous circle. Creativity becomes a part of you because
you will attempt to create something new – your creative thinking increases
because you are repeatedly using that part of your brain.

When you follow another person’s
footsteps (just the way he or she did it), you are basically checking items off
a list. Yes, I agree that you may need some creativity to get them
accomplished, but it differs from creating an entirely new path.

If you are creating that checklist
yourself, then that’s a different story entirely. Personally, when I’m in a fix
and want to get out, I find that my brain gets a kick from something. It feels
like every single neuron is up and running, and I start creating ways on
accomplishing things better and faster.

Note, when you spend more time thinking a
bit differently than everyone else, you will equally get better at thinking
than everyone else around you.

You feel empowered and totally

One of the advantages of following your
own path and you have when you’ve accomplished something unique.

I always feel accomplished when I
succeed, it doesn’t matter whether it was my own idea or not. there is
something empowering about following your own path. You look at your
accomplishments and say to yourself – “yes! I did this all alone. I’m proud of

But when you copy someone else, you won’t
feel as empowered or as confident as you should.

You perform at your best

To get to the top of your industry or
your niche, you have to create your own path.

Why? Because in any field, you will get
to a point where everyone is hard at work. Everyone understands the game, and
it’s not easy to win. So, if you have to succeed, you’ll have to act and work
differently – you’ll have to make a unique move.

You can see the practical aspect of this
dynamic when you watch two chess grandmasters at play. Both of them understand
every gambit and strategy. So, for one person to win, he or she must use his or
her creativity in a unique way in order to get to the top.

Frankly, it is possible to get far by
copying other people’s strategies. But to attain true heights, you have to do a
self-study, one that will lead you to follow your own path.

Following your own path doesn’t mean that
you’ll be successful all the time. You may encounter difficulties like everyone

But then, you’ll master the art of
gauging the merit of a venture or an idea by the feelings you have about it.

You will kick-start a new project, and
even though you may not make profits initially, you will feel that empowerment
or energy that you had in other successful endeavors.

When you strike out on your own path and
work on your own terms, you’ll get the best of both worlds. You understand what
works, and you take it, and then using your creativity, you develop something
unique – something no one has ever done.

While that may not be the most popular path, it sure leads to success.

Tia Lynn

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