5 Ways to Connect with your Spirit

5 Ways to Connect with your Spirit


The earth is a beautiful place, no doubt about that, but then, we are living in very turbulent times. During these times, you may desire a more worthwhile meaning to life. Something much more than your finances, job, or your relationships. Moving on through life’s turbulent journey, we find ourselves on different paths as we move towards achieving our destinies. But then, these tips can help us create a deep connection between us and our souls.

In the process, we get to discover our full potential to reach our destinies.

Here are five essential ways to connect deeply with your spirit:

Gratitude is important. Practice it

If you’d like to experience the purity of your soul, make it a point of duty to express your gratitude daily. Doing so will open the doors of your heart and link you to your very essence – love! Every time you wake up to see the light of a new day, eat a great meal, get in touch with your loved ones, find a job you love, and express total gratitude to the universe.

It is worth it. Without you, the universe won’t exist. The universe is you, and you are the universe. So, basically, the universe is experiencing itself. Your experiences will help you attain high levels of consciousness. And if you have a negative experience, remain grateful and thankful. Most times, valuable lessons manifest in the form of tough teachers.

Eat light, and eat natural

Whenever you eat foods laden with chemicals, or heavily processed foods, you are loading your body with heavy energies that will enhance chaotic and frantic feelings. Generally, what will work well for you include fresh, organic, raw fruits, and vegetables. You’ll get all the nutrients that your body needs (except vitamin D and B12). Furnishing your body with the right nutrients allows you to experience a deeper connection with your spirit.

Regular meditations work just fine

Another important way, and maybe the best way to connect deeper with your spirit is to sit and savor the silence. You originated from a place of silence and stillness, and so the best way to connect to your source is to stay still and unperturbed in a very turbulent and distracted planet.

We are all sharing some space in this chaotic, fast-paced world, but that’s not to say that we should give in to this chaotic energy. When you meditate, you’ll be able to remain calm, connecting with ease to higher realms beyond the physical. 

Come to terms with your past

Fighting or running away from your past does no good. In fact, the longer you run away from it, the longer you carry the negative energy from it. It doesn’t matter who offended you, or what you’ve been through. You just have to accept it as part of life and move on. Do not hesitate to forgive whoever wronged you. Consider them as helpful life lessons.

Everyone you meet or every experience you have can guide you back to your energy source, so let go of your past and look to the future with positiveness.

Do what you love

A great way of connecting with your spirit is by doing what makes you happy – what gives you joy. Fill your days with fun activities – like watching movies, drawing, even writing. The thing is, we bother ourselves too much with worldly responsibilities that we completely forget about having fun and enjoying ourselves. Even if you have to switch careers or jobs just to do more of what you like, do it. You’ll feel vibrant and fulfilled.

Do you have any ideas on how we can establish deeper connections with our spirit? Share with us in the comment box below. 

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