10 ways to recover and decrease Jetlag when flying abroad

  1. Avoid the coffee or energy boosting drinks 5 hours before boarding your flight.
  2.  Try to book night flights so you’re able to plan for sleep.
  3. Do not eat to much of what they serve on the plane because it is mostly carbohydrates and it will make you feel sluggish.
  4. Eat a fruit and vegetable-based meal 4 hours before getting on the plane.
  5. Bring your preferred tea so when the attendants walk around you can drink your own tea with the hot water they provide instead of sugary drinks .
  6. Stretch 10 minutes before boarding, stretch your quadriceps/hamstrings in standing and sitting. Stretch your lower back, and biceps for at least 3 minutes each.
  7. If you’re unable to get first class or extra seats bring a neck and lower back pillow and download some meditation music for sleep/
  8. Do not plan any activities on the day of arrival
  9. When you get to your destination stay awake until bedtime.
  10. Avoid sitting next to babies, young children or noisy people that will disturb you.

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