The 8 benefits of  WHY you should Travel with your Level-Up Sister

The 8 benefits of WHY you should Travel with your Level-Up Sister

In any ascension journey it is important to work on the inner part first. We have 7 chakras (energy centers) that need to be opened and balanced. If you have energetic blocks, confidence issues or have experienced trauma one should look into therapy or hire a certified life coach.  Any trauma, childhood deficits, abuse, self-esteem or internal conflicts need to be addressed. Then the level up journey proceeds. Additionally, growing up in an African American Culture we are taught to find and keep a man by any means necessary. Our culture as a whole does not place a high value on sisterhood and building bonds with women. They place a huge emphasis or having a man, keeping a man and many women will throw their fellow sisters under the bus for a man. There will be times that you will not get along with others, but it is great to have a healthy connection with your fellow sisters.  It  wonderful to align, have similar goals and support each other. Here are benefits of why you should Travel with your Level-up Sister.

1. You can be authentic and disclose your level-up goals.

2. She understands your mindset, vision and future.

3. She does not question why you want to wear makeup and dresses every day.

4. She is not average, basic and she does not judge you.

5. She is supportive, understands your long-term planning

6. She speaks to your soul, you’re connecting through divinity and consciousness

7. She is highly intuitive and always looking for new ways to improve her mindset.

8. She holds your accountable and calls you out for making bad decisions that could sabotage your level-up.

At Least you can travel most affordable cities of the world with her without any hesitation and enjoy of traveling essay. She will be your travel guide.

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