Do you feel: 

How do I unblock my chakras? , How do I know which chakras are blocked? , What causes emotional blockage? , How do I get over an emotional block? or How do I clear my root chakra?

Do you feel: 

  • Pain or aches, especially in the back and shoulders
  • Restricted or stuck
  • Dizziness or headache
  • Irritability or erratic emotions
  • Insatiable or weak libido
  • Lethargic or tired
  • Pain or aches, especially in the back and shoulders
  • Weakened immunity


These are all symptoms of energy blocks and they can manifest in the body due to fear, illness, negative thinking, and stress. There’s a network of energy channels all through our bodies that move from the head down to the bottom of our toes and up again. This energy system is what makes us feel healthy. These energies do not just affect our level physically; it also has an emotional, spiritual, and mental level as well.

This energy is also referred to as “Prana” or “Chu,” and they are the driving life force of our body. The main energy centers of the body are 7. These energy centers are also known as chakras and are responsible for releasing the energy we need to maintain spiritual, physical, emotional, and mental balance.

The chakras run from the top of the head to the base of the navel and service other parts of the body. The energy that comes in from the top of the head floats down, and out of the feet and energy, that approach from the base of the navel flows up and out of the head.

When this ebb and flow of energy is moving at a high optimum and vibration level, it can manifest as:

  • perfect well-being
  • Feeling full of energy
  • Feeling self-confident in decision making
  • Strong physical health
  • Feeling very inspired or creative
  • Being compassionate
  • Feeling calm and peaceful
  • Being One with the Universe
  • Feeling positive and self-loving thoughts
  • Having a strong intuition
  • Feeling balanced in all parts

Blocks in our chakras or energetic pathways can affect our life. Therefore, it is crucial to take time to unclog these blocks so the energy can be relived. Some blocks may be harder than others to remove, but here are some guidelines on how to relive energetic blocks.

Exercise/ Yoga

One of the greatest ways to get the energy flowing through again is by moving your body. Exercise and yoga are generally good as they pay attention to moving stagnant energy through and out of the body.


Meditation is a great way to clear any emotional or mental blocks that may be present in the body. It also reduces stress. By calming and stilling your mind, you make more space for energy to flow.

Affirmations/ Mantras

Reciting a positive affirmation or mantra is a great way to raise your vibration and replace your energy. When you pay your attention to loving thoughts, your energy responds in kind.

Crystals and Himalayan Salt

Himalayan salts and crystal increase the overall flow of energy and hold cleansing powers that can help move stuck energy. Put them on your chakras and visualize them clearing and restoring the flow of energy. 

Reiki / Energy Healing

Energy healers work with the energetic body to help clear out any leak, stagnant energy, or blockages. This is normally done by placing your hands a few inches away from your body while moving around your energy around accordingly.


Acupuncture is a method of relieving pain by placing needles into the skin to move or shifts energy. The needles used in acupuncture are believed to restore equilibrium to the Chi and also helps relieve blocked energy

Organic Foods/ Detoxing

One of the great ways to restore your vitality and energy is by eating a healthy organic diet that is free from processed foods. Food also has its energy field, and organic foods are the best producers (whereas microwaved or processed food has no energy field).


Nature is a great way to harmonize and restore your energy. Plants and trees all have strong, rehabilitate vibrations that can help improve the energy pathway of our body.

These are just a few ways to relive energetic block and restore equilibrium to your body. True healthiness is not just the absence of physical illness; it is also feeling strong and being in a perfect emotional, spiritual, and mental level.

By: Tia Lynn

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