Maintaining a healthy and balanced life is not only important for your happiness and well-being; it is also important for your business career and productivity. A well-balanced person has a greater ability to concentrate, channel their attention to positive things, have the strength needed to achieve their goals, take effective actions, and move forward impressively.

There are ways we can take to change what isn’t working well and get back some control and balance in our life. Once you start seeing outcomes, you’ll be better fitted to keep up with that newfound equilibrium. You can make small changes over time to decide on what works perfectly for you. You can make a new positive life habit without looking back.

How can you keep your career ambitions on track if there’s a crisis? How can you overcome it?  Here are steps to take to balance your life during a crisis.

Make Your Goals an Escape

During the period of uncertainty, only the strong people remain focused. Whenever dealing with a crisis, it’s essential to have an escape. Something you can focus on whenever you’re not addressing the crisis. These escapes can be easy things such as: reading a book, exercise and spending time with the most important people in our life. Allow your feelings to come through and release them.

Sometimes an escape could be your career

It’s not unusual to hear stories about athletes playing their games after dealing with personal hardship. Get a massage, meditate, spend time in nature and put yourself first. Spending some time with your career could be a nice escape if you’re the type that loves your work. If you’re looking to focus on professional development or change careers, these are things that can be worked on.

During hard times, you and your family come first, and it’s crucial to remain the main priority. Don’t completely neglect your career goals; take care of what needs to be taken care of.  Don’t have a negative Impact; take advantage of the opportunity. As a woman always preserve yourself first. 

Think Before You Share

During hard times you may feel torn about discussing your crisis with your colleagues. Before you discuss the information, think about the advantages and drawbacks of sharing.

For example, if you’re facing health problems and you need to reveal some particular reasons about your situation to your boss and team, since you may need a time out of the office to meet doctors’ appointments. You may need to consider if you want to tell them about what’s happening directly, or you will love your team to tell them on your behalf.

Have it in mind that if you decide to share details about your crisis, your colleagues can ask more questions and offer advice. Decide on what to keep private and what you’re willing to discuss. I would personally journal, meditate and burn those memories.

Practice Self-Compassion

Treat yourself with kindness. After experiencing a major life shock getting back to work can be challenging. A personal crisis can divert your attention, therefore if you’re noticing brain fog, don’t rebuke yourself for not being productive enough. Know that it’s only temporary and do what’s within your limits.

Always plan yourself as much as possible and be organized. When you are short on mental energy, breaking plans into smaller pieces, easy to control, and easily achievable can help sustain your focus.

Work towards realistic goals, give yourself positive support that inspires you to stay focused throughout the day.

Be proactive and ensure you inquire if and how the company can accept your unique problem. Don’t be scared to go beyond what’s easily available to you. Create a list of things that would increase your productivity during the time of crisis such as reducing your hours for a couple of weeks or working remotely while you visit family and ask your boss if he or she can grant your requests.

Don’t let the tough moments weigh you down. You can always live the best life. 

By Tia Lynn

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