Holistic Wellness Body Healing

Holistic Wellness Body Healing I work for many years as a holistic wellness coach and occupational therapist. I am deeply specialized in holistic wellness. I can feel the muscles, chakras. and their disturbances. I also feel the physical energies, how they work and how they were supposed to work i.e., your range of motion. Furthermore, I  do feel your body and all what is going on inside. I do not diagnose AT ALL. but I can advise you as a in all what changes to make to improve your overall quality of life.t what % is your immune system working. At what % is your brain, heart, and body communication is occurring, any pathogenic energies present in your system, Any unhappy organ and gland, Imbalanced Chakras (Energy Centers). Any offensive energies in your system for example cording or post-hypnotic suggestions, If there is any Imbalance in body systems, Imbalance in connective tissues mental &emotional needs.