Unlike traditional therapy, where you keep reliving past/ old wounds in a snail-paced timespan, my soulful healing sessions offer long-lasting results with as little as 3-4 month milestone results. We connect you to your inner divinity and self so you can reclaim your life.

You deserve a reality where you love yourself without shame, with accountability, and with the best future in your mind.

I believe that you have the power to make your desired reality come to life! You have a loving self waiting to come out and live in the present moment.

This space is yours. All my work is client-centered, and it would be an honor to facilitate your journey forward.

These single sessions are designed to start cultivating the idea of diving deeper and consistently into your personal growth and healing journey.

Single Session Life Coaching Calls are set up to support your immediate needs and do not to have the intention of “one and done” sessions but to add to your consistent personal development journey.

I would encourage you to think of single session calls as an introduction or in-between session calls. Most people get what they need out of working with a Life Coach in between 8-16 sessions. People who are highly motivated, “active learners” can go through the process more quickly.

At the start of coaching, it is helpful to meet weekly at least a few times to begin getting traction toward your goals.

To make the most of our limited time together, we must make sure to make a list of your priorities for each session, so we can focus on what’s important to you!

✔Learning Your Attachment Style
✔Natal Chart Support
✔Examining your belief systems
✔Supportive Energy Healing Practices i.e.Violet Flame Reiki
✔Natal Chart Support
✔Human Design Support
✔Self-Mastery Work, Emotional Intelligence
✔Finding Safety in Self + Security from Within
✔ Identity & Soul Identity Discovery
✔ Relationship Support
✔Body Code & Light Language Activation