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High Vibration Energy

I work from an open-heart space with passion and truly believe that when we reach out with our hearts to others, miracles and shifts happen. I approach in a way that brings balance to many and offer inspiration to others to discover their own inner light. I am someone to be trusted on the healing journey to those who are in difficulty with their mind, body or soul.

Book a Consult to Heal your Soul from Any kind of Pain, Trauma. Anxiety, Separation and Negative Thought Processing that you know is Away from your highest self.
Our Initial Consult Will Assess What Kind of Healing Your Soul Needs and Customize a Healing Program for you. We work as per your Convenience to Heal, Purge, and Align Your Mind, Body and Soul.




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Cultivate Wellness with Tia Your Holistic Healing Partner

Tia, on a lifelong journey of soul alignment, offers transformative equilibrium with over a decade of expertise. Her services include remote sessions, complemented by two pivotal phone calls and detailed notes. As a holistic practitioner skilled in relaxation, emotional blockage removal, and stress reduction, Tia empowers individuals to tap into their inner wisdom, fostering profound self-discovery. Connect with her for inquiries and consultations.


“Once again, this was exactly what I needed. If you were led here and something jumps out, go with it and watch the change that takes place.”
“Truly caring person. Helping me in my healing journey. There is a reason of you are reading this.. you are blessed to have Tia to help you.”
- jo
“I'm definitely feeling better and better with each session with Tia. I'm glad I tried this healing modality.”