I am an intuitive medical medium and clinician. I work directly with my higher self, the Angels, and Spirit Guides as well as any of your spirit guides and Angels to help you heal and reveal your purpose I work with the energy of love and light to bring about shifts in your energy that help to improve your quality of life.
The Emotion Code is an energy balancing system designed to reveal and release the emotionally charged events from your past that may still be haunting you in the form of “trapped emotions.” These trapped emotions can create pain, stress, and even physical trauma.

I will perform an emotion code session for you and release trapped emotions.
You will receive a report at the end of the session with a list of all the emotions that were released. 

Deepest Core Wounds

I will tell you your DEEPEST CORE WOUNDS, how it is AFFECTING YOU MOVING FORWARD & I will provide a free Akashic Records Clearings.

This is a remote session. I will need your name, DOB, time of birth to do the session.  

Violet Flame Reiki

I will cleanse your energy with violet flame reiki session for up to 30 minutes. 

Body Restoration Session

Any time that we experience an emotion or trauma that is not processed completely then it creates imbalances in our body within our energetic fields that begins attracting similar energies and experiences. This healing session can help you start clearing out stuck energies and become more in line with your true self.

This energy healing session will happen remotely or at a distance. It is designed to clear away the harbored emotional vibrations of your energy and organs that can create a sense of unease in your physical being. If you feel stress, anxiety, fear, worry then you will most likely benefit from a energy healing session. This will help you to clear out the emotional vibrations of your energetic field that are no longer serving you and not for your highest and great good. This will help you to be able to move forward in your life with more ease.

This item is for a one-hour body and emotion code healing session. During your healing session I energetically connect with your energy and identify and clear trapped emotions and energies from your energetic field. You can choose to work through the highest priority energies that are needing to be cleared now or provide a topic or energetic situation that you would like to focus on. If there is a specific area or issue that you would like to focus on in your session, please send me some brief information to help me understand the root issue and what you would like to accomplish. Knowledge that you have obtained from past lives or current life situations and people can help me to understand the root of the issue and help it to clear more easily.

How do we set a time for the healing session? After you purchase your session. I will contact you to set a time that works for both of us. 

DNA Activations

DNA Activations are the process of transforming light into our morphogenetic field (our blueprint of life) so that we can embody our Higher Self in the 3D, and unveil our true essence, which is Divine Love. The reason why the DNA Activations are crucial in this period is that we are required to raise our frequencies ad embody at least 4 DNA Strands to ascend with Earth.

Holistic Wellness Coach Sessions

I have over 8 years’ experience in occupational therapy, weight loss and health/wellness so this session includes 20 minute of activities range of motion, strengthening, exercises, or endurance, 20 minutes of activities of daily living, 10 minutes of meditation, or strategies to improve your executive functioning, neurological recovery, frustration tolerance and emotional fulfillment.