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When you experience an extremely traumatic, stressful, or painful event such as an accident, disaster, or abuse, the emotional effects often can get stored in our body.
I am an intuitive medical medium and clinician. I work directly with my higher self, the Angels, and Spirit Guides as well as any of your spirit guides and Angels to help you heal and reveal your purpose I work with the energy of love and light to bring about shifts in your energy that help to improve your quality of life.
The Emotion Code/Body Code is an energy balancing system designed to reveal and release the emotionally charged events from your past/present that may still be haunting you in the form of “trapped emotions, imbalanced meridians, trauma, depression, heartbreak or any traumatic event.” These trapped emotions can create pain, stress, and even physical trauma.

I will perform a body code session for you and release trapped emotions.
You will receive a report at the end of the session with a list of all the emotions that were released.

I will need your FULL NAME, PICTURE & your DOB.


I am not a medical doctor or psychiatrist. By scheduling your sessions or for your pets, you have agreed to grant me permission to conduct the sessions. I do not advise discontinuing any medicines or medical treatments you or your child/ animal are presently taking. However, many times after a healing session, conditions improve dramatically or heal.
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