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Traumatic Injury, Depression, Divorce – Energy and therapeutic Session

Have you suffered a BRAIN INJURY, STROKE, or DEVASTING EMOTIONAL EVENT that has caused you sadness, depression low mood and it is affecting your day to day function/quality of life. This is a session where I go in and locate the areas of stress, cognitive deficits, neurological dysfunction, and examine the executive functioning and release it from the subconscious.
I am an occupational therapist with about 10 years’ experience as I work with children. I have noticed that energy work along with understanding the areas of the brain is very helpful with improving functionality and increasing the quality of life.

(This may take numerous sessions depending on how complex everything is)


I am not a medical doctor or psychiatrist. By scheduling your sessions or for your pets, you have agreed to grant me permission to conduct the sessions. I do not advise discontinuing any medicines or medical treatments you or your child/ animal are presently taking. However, many times after a healing session, conditions improve dramatically or heal.
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