Soul & Life Alignment

Soul & Life Alignment (Free DNA Activation)
If you need to explore your deepest pain bodies, thoughts, negative energies and integrate them, then this is the right session for you. Soul Alignment is a session to guiding you through your deepest core wounds, feel them. process them and transmute it. It is a great mechanism for when you really feel stuck, unintegrated and are ready to step over the threshold to raise your consciousness. It is similar techniques to sound healing, kinesiology and works more deeply with meditation. The deeper you feel, the deeper you heal. Once you make the booking and the request, I will contact you to set up a time and date. This is only done face to face. Please find a safe comfortable space where you feel like you can really go deep without being disturbed and allow for time afterwards to relax and integrate. Please also make sure that you have plenty of water on hand during the balance, and some tissues. Soul & Life Alignment usually asks that you safely guide you into your deepest emotions and really feel them and release the trauma associated with it. My intention in these sessions is to decrease the trauma associated with painful emotions and raise your vibrational consciousness