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In this Light Language Session I connect to your Higher Self through my HIgher Self to receive personal Activation Codes for your highest good for your current stage of Ascension.

Light Language is part of our Authentic Nature as Angelic Humans. These are high, pure frequency that bypasses human intellect and speaks directly to the soul, activating dormant DNA and clearing out old programming and stagnated energy.

The following session includes healing and removing blockages as well as DNA activation and opening on:
  • Higher Frequencies DNA Activation
  • Ascension Frequencies DNA Activation
  • Angelic Human Template DNA Activation
  • Higher Self Embodiment DNA Activation
  • Crown Chakra Opening DNA Activation
  • 8th Chakra DNA Activation
  • 9th Chakra DNA Activation
  • Higher Self Alignment DNA Activation
  • Distraction Awareness Removal DNA Activation
  • Attune with Higher Self Choices DNA Activation
  • Humility & Humbleness DNA Activation
  • Egoless DNA Activation
  • Humility and Humbleness DNA Activation
  • Awakening Codes DNA Activation
  • Enlightenment Codes DNA Activation
  • Aquarian Era of Energies DNA Activation
  • Authenticity DNA Activation
  • Higher Self Download DNA Activation
  • Body, Mind & Spirit Unison DNA Activation
  • Christ Consciousness DNA Activation
  • Higher Christos Codes DNA Activation
  • Angelic Human Activation
  • Frequencies DNA Activation
Certificate issued if needed.
I personally work on you for 45 minutes as a DNA facilitator via long distance


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