Prosperity & Love Light Language Activation


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In this Light Language Session I connect to your Higher Self through my HIgher Self to receive personal Activation Codes for your highest good for your current stage of Ascension.

Light Language is part of our Authentic Nature as Angelic Humans. These are high, pure frequency that bypasses human intellect and speaks directly to the soul, activating dormant DNA and clearing out old programming and stagnated energy.

Abundance & Prosperity energy is about helping each individual manifest and attract more than what will satisfies his/her necessities in life, so that he/she can help others. It helps you live a more enjoyable life. You can create items to help bring you abundance and prosperity by charging them with this energy.

There are 6 levels

💜 Level One: The energy moves to breakup and release old thoughts and mindsets concerning Abundance & Prosperity.

💜Level two: This level helps to clear away old thoughts and mindsets concerning Abundance & Prosperity.

💜Level three: You are attuned to all aspects of Abundance & Prosperity.

💜Level four: Helps to open your thoughts and mindset to new ideas concerning Abundance & Prosperity.

💜Level five: This level opens channels and pathways for Abundance & Prosperity to travel to and from you.

💜Level six: The energy magnetizes & manifests all facets of your being to attract Abundance & Prosperity.


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